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Runboard Official Notification.

The RDS Validation Stamp
Official Runboard Communication

Hello I'm Erika from Runboard Staff.

Your board has been "Discovered" and is entered in the RunSearch Weekly Competition hosted by RunBoard. Top finishers in this contest go on to compete in the Board of the Month competition and could finally find themselves entered in the Board of the Year where 100,000 Free Premium Page Views are the ultimate reward.

If you frequent the boards with multiple screen names, choose one name to vote with as duplicate votes will disqualify you.

You must be a member of the Runboard Directory to vote. Membership is granted after you post once, then you can vote. You are allowed to ask people who are not members of your board to vote, but please be aware of the rules at the individual boards you campaign at.

If you are not familiar with the Discovery Series and how it works please look here: RunSearch Discovery Series ~ How it Works

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask and we’ll gladly explain.

Best of Luck to your Board.

1) Click Here
2) Reply to the topic - Just say 'Hi'
3) Then Vote!

Please remember, in this 1st round you can select and vote for up to three boards before you click on the vote button.


Customer Service
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Re: Runboard Official Notification.

Runboard now allows embedded YouTube videos on your message board. Please see this link for details on how to post and this link at Runboard Support for board set-up options.

The skin you are using “Tech Blue” has been updated to comply with the latest CSS and HTML standards. This update makes the skin both easier to customize and faster. Instructions on how to upgrade this skin are located in Runboard Support at this link


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